Award History Stefan

Award Date Comments
IFR Airline Pilot 29/05/2021 Congratulations. You have successfully completed an IFR training of the airline, awarded by Nico CEO/T01
One Year 02/10/2021 Thank you for joining the airline within the first year, awarded by Nico CEO/T01
Other Side 04/12/2021 Even as ATC, you have everything under control, awarded by Nico CEO/T01
Airline Weihnachtstour 19/12/2021 Ho Ho Ho! You visited the most beautiful Christmas markets in 2021. Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2022, awarded by Nico CEO/T01
Airline Tour Bronze 19/12/2021 Thank you for participating in one Airline Tour, awarded by Nico CEO/T01
Airline 100+ 05/03/2022 You are a real airline pilot. You’ve already made 100+ flights for our airline, awarded by Holger VCEO/T02
Airline Support Award 29/01/2023 Thank you for streaming more than 15 flight for SimAir VA, issued by Nico CEO/T01